Traffic Attorney Durham NC

Traffic Attorney Durham NC

Durham Speeding and Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Speeding and moving violations can be stressful and aggravating, and lead to an unfortunate increase in insurance rates that may take years to bring down, adding up to a large out of pocket expense for you over time. It also may end up severely limiting your driving privileges. In some cases, it may be possible to obtain driving privileges to and from work or to and from school. In other cases, your license may be suspended immediately. If you are trying to avoid adding additional points to your license or having to attend a driving skills course, you may need the help of a Durham traffic attorney.

Attorney Brian D. Westrom has many years of experience in handling all types of traffic, speeding and moving violations in Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Pittsboro NC and surrounding communities. When hiring a traffic attorney to manage your case, you will have a lawyer on your side, defending your rights and aggressively seeking the best possible outcome for your speeding ticket or traffic ticket. He will be with you in court, or appear on your behalf so that it may not even be necessary for you to step foot in a courtroom.

This is important if you’ve received a speeding ticket while in Durham and you live in a different city or county in North Carolina. If you live far from the courtroom in Durham, it’s not practical for you to drive all the way into Durham to appear in court when you could hire a traffic lawyer to do so on your behalf. If your traffic ticket was not a serious offense, it may be simpler to let a traffic attorney handle the whole ordeal for you.

Durham DWI Attorney

If you have been charged in a DWI (“Driving while impaired”, also known as a DUI), an experienced Durham traffic attorney can provide skillful representation to help achieve the best possible conclusion for your case. DWI or “driving while impaired” is treated as a very serious offense in North Carolina and carries harsh penalties as a result. DWI charges could possibly lead to automatic license suspension, having your license revoked, and extensive fines as a result. Worse, there could be mandatory jail time, community service, and other future unwelcome consequences.

So if you have been charged with DWI in Durham, you may need the skills of an experienced Durham traffic attorney. It’s important to be on your guard with serious traffic tickets and offenses like this, as you may end up having your driver’s license revoked and be unable to get it back for four years.

Speeding Tickets and Moving Violations Durham

If you’ve received a speeding ticket in Durham, it could be serious or minor. Even a minor speeding ticket can add points to your license, endangering your future driving privileges. If you have a job in transportation, this could be even more serious. Commercial driving violations could lead you to lose your job and be unable to obtain commercial driving jobs in the future. Serious speeding tickets such as those over 75 mph or over 15 mph above the posted speed limit, can result in more severe consequences. You may end up with points on your license or outrageous fines. You may even have the threat of having your license suspended or severely limited.

Since 1997, Brian D. Westrom has been working hard to protect the interests of his clients throughout the Triangle.  He can handle every aspect of your speeding ticket or moving violation.  In some cases, he may even be able to get the case thrown out. Call us today and let us begin to help you resolve your traffic ticket or moving violation.

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